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“I am doing the best I can and starting to get a relationship back with my family slowly; that will progress in time. I will continue to get stronger in my recovery and become better in myself.”

- Client 1,
Compassion in Action, 24th July 2015

“The future for me seems BRIGHT.My relationship with my partner is brilliant. Her family are full of praise for me as they can already see a massive difference in a short space of time. I never imagined there would be a place like this with people who really care.”

- Client 2,
Compassion in Action, 24th July 2015

“Without the support of Pam and the charity, I may have continued down the same pathway of crime.The help and support I have received was vital in my rehabilitation; it has helped me to integrate back into the community after years of being in trouble with the Police.”

- Client 3,
Compassion in Action, 24th July 2014

“I arrived here full of fear and anxiety as I didn’t know what to expect.People genuinely wanting to help me was new to me; it took me a while to drop my guard and trust people. Learning slowly to open up has helped me a lot. I am finally starting to feel like there is a way out and I do have a future.”

- Client 4,
Compassion in Action, 24th July 2015

“When I was in jail I had no hope. I was desperate, down, depressed – also agitated.I could see no way out with no-one to help. They took me to Compassion in Action and I have become or am becoming the person I want to be. I am surrounded by people who want to actually help me; I feel like I am getting a new family.”


- Client 5,
Compassion in Action, 24th July 2015